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RM1002   10" Full Sized Plastic Flare Waste Can Liner
RTR040BKL22   10" x 4" Austin Amenity Tray, Black
RTR040TAL22   10" x 4" Austin Amenity Tray, Saddle
CL2019   11 Function Facial Unit
DSP037WHP23   11" x 5" Artefact Plate, White
SPT049NAW20   12" Round ROOT Board - Natural
SPT047NAW20   12" x 9" ROOT Board - Natural
RRT005GYB11   13" x 19" Bali Service Tray, Smoke Bamboo
RRT005NAW20   13" x 19" Rustic Wood Tray
DOS033WHP21   13" x 9" Artefact Plate, White
SPT046NAW20   16" x 10" ROOT Board - Carbon
S6013   18 qt Stone Warmer
62900.118   2 person Reception Desk
S2062   2 Shelf Cart
S2063   2 Shelf Cart with Drawer
MC221   2 Shelf Stainless Steel Cart
S2050   2000 All-in-One Table Top
MC314   3 Shelf Mobile Cart
UC320D   3 Shelf Poly Cart with Drawer
S2064   3 Shelf Powered Poly Cart
CAL1804-13   3 Tier Offset Caddy
S66007   3 Zone Heating Blanket
CL7005D   3-in-1 Facial Unit with High Frequency
CL5057a   3-Shelf Metal Trolley w/ Drawers
CL3006   3-Shelf Trolley w/ Plastic Shelves
CL3032   3-Shelf Trolley with Wood Shelves
DSD070WHP23   3.5oz Artefact Ramekin, White
TA41023   3/4 Round Bolster - 6"
30X48   30" x 48" mirror
36X36   36" X 36" X 1/4" mirror
36X48   36" x 48" mirror
36X60   36" x 60" mirror
S50A   50A UPC Shampoo System with Pivoting Back Cushion
S6015   59 Piece Premium Therapy Basalt Stones
LEC4080C   5th Avenue Pedi Lounge Chair Only (no tilt)
LEC4084   5th Avenue Plumbed Footbath (footbath only)
LEC4088   5th Avenue TuckAway Footbath
S6014   6 qt Stone Warmer
RM1004-6   6" Stainless Steel Ice Tongs
RM1005W   7" Ice Tongs, White
RM1004-7   7" Stainless Steel Ice Tongs
S6019   71 Piece Ultra Therapy Basalt Stone Set
RM1006P   8" Full Sized Plastic Cube Waste Can Liner
RM1006C   8" Full Sized Plastic Cylinder Waste Can Liner
S803   803 UPC Shampoo System with Footrest
CL2013   9 Function Facial Unit
RM1009P   9" Full Sized Plastic Cube Waste Can Liner
RM1009C   9" Full Sized Plastic Cylinder Waste Can Liner
CB19   ABS Standard Shape Bowl
7700   Access Hydraulic All-Purpose Chair with Standard Base
JA2006   Accessory Cart w/ Glass Top
ST410326   Accessory Holder for Cirrus Column
PSP1010   Additional: AromaVapor
BN4003   Adjustable Pedastals
606.87   Aero Backwash with Porcelain Bowl
AP2713   After Wax Quench
AY333   Alera Pedi Cart
TANP-WD-01-WS-WH   Allure Nail Polish Display- Wood Shelves
LEC4052   Alpha 2 Trolley
LEC4053   Alpha 3 Trolley
624-20   Alta Portable Station
S9022   Alton Styling Chair
7820D   Aluma Dryer Chair with Comfort Aire Dryer
7800S   Aluma Hydraulic Styling Chair with Slim-Star Base
7800   ALUMA Hydraulic Styling Chair with Standard Base
7830L   Aluma Shampoo Chair
7840   Aluma Task Chair with casters & gas lift
942-36   Amati 360 Styling Station
947-45   AMATI 45 Nail Table
948-57   Amati 57 Nail Table
930-60   AMATI Amico Desk
935-15   Amati BC Portable Station
937-48   Amati Bi-Level Styling Vanity
940-48   Amati Bi-Level Tall Styling Vanity
946-60   Amati Color Island
936-15   Amati FS Styling Vanity
931-74   Amati Galileo Desk with Suspended Modesty Panel Reception Desk
933-30   AMATI Mirror Assembly
934-30   AMATI Mirror Island
932-24   Amati Retail Display with Base Cabinet Storage
941-66   Amati Tall Styling Island for Two Stylists
B80   Ambassador Barber Chair
AP2136   AMBER Austrian Green Wax
APPB900   Amber Body Smart Bar and Pod
AP2110   Amber Cream Wax
AP2097   AMBER Egyptian Geranium Wax
APPB600   Amber Facial Bar
APE301   Amber Facial Pod
APSS948   Amber Mag Lamp w/ Attachment for Bar
APPB700   Amber Massage Bar and Pod
APE302   Amber Massage Pod
AP1060   Amber Master Depilatory Kit
APPB200B   Amber Mini Body Smart Bar and Body Pod
APPB700M   Amber Mini Massage Smart Bar and Pod
APPB200W   Amber Mini Wax Smart Bar and Wax Pod
AP1013   Amber Paraffin Kit - Manicure
AP1027   Amber Paraffin Kit - Pedicure
APE308   Amber Stone Bowl Pod
AP2106   AMBER Turquoise Wax
APE300   Amber Wax Pod
APPB800   Amber Wax Smart Bar and Pod
AP411   AmberMD Wax Tubes
AP102   AmberMD Waxing Applicators
AP410   AmberMD Waxing System Kit
22880   Anibal Daybed
22881   Anibel Day Bed with Canopy
T440552   Apron
S6011   Aqua Cold Stones Set
Infl-A-F-Wht   Aquatica Inflection A-F-White Freestanding Cast Stone​ Tub
Arab-Wht   Aquatica Arabella White Free-Standing Tub
Coletta-Sandstn   Aquatica Coletta Sandstone Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub
PS617M   Aquatica Corelia White Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub
Lacus-Wht-Std   Aquatica Lacus White Drop-In Tub
PS748G-Wht   Aquatica PS748G White Glossy Freestanding Tub
Pure-1-Wht-DOak   Aquatica Pure 1D Back To Wall Solid Surface Bathtub with Dark Decorative Wooden Side Panels
PS327   Aquatica Purescape Bathtub
Sens-Wht   Aquatica Sensuality White Freestanding Solid Surface Tub
True-Ofuro-Mini-Tranq   Aquatica True Ofuro Tranquility Heated Japanese Bathtub (US version 110V/60Hz)
YB1001   Aria Jacket
LEC4003   Arm Shelf/Table Extender
LEC4004   Aromatherapy Platform
AY7001   Aron Backwash w/ H201 Faucet
BLAY84   Array Curved Retail Display Cabinet w/ Storage
BLAY84LT   Array Curved Retail Display Cabinet w/ Storage
TCS013NAW21   Asheville Series - 13.75" X 4.75" Rustic Wood Holder
TCS014NAW21   Asheville Series - 6.75" Square Rustic Wood Holder
SPT058NAW21   Asheville Series - 9" x 13" Rustic Wood Handled Tray
SPT059NAW21   Asheville Series - 9.75" Square Rustic Wood Box
RTR006NAW22   Asheville Series - Rustic Amenity Tray
RAH002NAW21   Asheville Series - Rustic Coffee Accessory/Holder
RWA013NAW20   Asheville Series - Rustic Cube
7120D   Ashton Dryer Chair with Sol-Air Dryer
7100   Ashton Hydraulic Styling Chair
LEC1009ST   Aspen Spa Table
2136   ATLANTIC European-Styled Barber Station
501-72   ATLANTIC European-Styled Barber Station
US643008   Atlantis Folding Table
903-3304-JBP-A   Atlantis Stacking Armchair
903-1324-JBP   Atlantis Stacking Chaise Lounge
MPAU-1900   Audrey Pedicure Chair & Footspa
RTB031BKL21   Austin Tissue Cover, Black
RTB031TAL21   Austin Tissue Cover, Saddle
RRT024BKL21   Austin Tray, Black
RRT024TAL21   Austin Tray, Saddle
S61400   Autoclave
S51100   Auxillary Cart with 3 Shelves
LEC1010   Avila II Massage Chair
AY1007   Avion Client Chair
LK3001   Axis Next Lock Touch by Digi Lock System
AYDON211   Bailey Aluminum Service Tray with Stand
RM2001   Bali 19" x 13" Service Tray
RM2003   Bali Amenity Tray
RTR006GYB12   Bali Amenity Tray, Smoke
RM2004   Bali Bamboo Ice Tongs
RM2006   Bali Coffee/Accessory Holder
RWA003GYB21   Bali Flare, Smoke Bamboo Waste Bin
RM2007   Bali Rectangle Footed Amenity Tray
RM2009   Bali RS Tray Liner, Lrg B'weave, Copper 24 x 16.25
RM2010   Bali Service Tray Liner, Lrg B'Weave, Honeycomb Bronze 17.5 x 11.75
RM2012   Bali Soap Dish
RM2013   Bali Square Footed Amenity Tray
BHO086BBB22   Bali Square Jar, Natural
BHO086GYB22   Bali Square Jar, Smoke
RM2014   Bali Tissue Box Cover
RTB004GYB21   Bali Tissue Cover, Smoke
CM2009   Bamboo Deep Tray & Stand 12"
CM2008   Bamboo Flat Tray & Stand 10"
RM23002   Bangkok Amenity Tray, 8" x 4." x 1.25"
RM23007   Bangkok Amenity Tray
RM23003   Bangkok Rectangle Tray
RM23004   Bangkok Tissue Cover
RM23008   Bangkok Waste Can 9" Sq x 10"
S3001   Basic Electric Fleece Table Warmer
S3002   Basic Fleece Pad Set, with Fleece Crescent Cover, straps
BP1002   BeautyPro Facial Wrap Towels-6pk
BP1001   BeautyPro Hot Towel steamer Kit
BP1003   BeautyPro Tongs
AY7002   Bedford Shampoo Bed w/ H201 faucet
B2001   Belava Disposable Liners
B1007   Belava Dorset Pedicure Chair
B1007P   Belava Dorset Pedicure Chair - Platform No Plumbing
B1005   Belava Element Pedicure Chair with Pro HM
B1002   Belava Embrace Pedicure Chair
B1006   Belava Impact Pedicure Chair with Pro HM
B3000   Belava Performer Technician Stool
B1003   Belava Trio Foot Spa
B1003-G   Belava Trio Foot Spa in Gold
5520   Belize Dryer Chair
5510   Belize Hydraulic All Purpose Chair
5500S   Belize Hydraulic Styling Chair w. Slim Star Base
5500   BELIZE Hydraulic Styling Chair w. Standard Base
5530L   Belize Lever Control Shampoo Chair
5540   Belize Task Chair
7020D   Bella Dryer Chair w/ Sol-Air Dryer
7000   Bella Hydraulic Styling Chair
TABTFD0136   Bentley Freestanding Retail Display-36"W
TABTLP0136   Bentley Launch Table - Retail
TABTWD0136   Bentley Wall Retail Display-36"
MFEEI-578   Bentwood Bar Stool
AY4001   Berkeley Nail Drying Table

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